Any effective auto sales manager or salesperson understands the importance of capturing leads. Leads are what makes for a robust sales process. Once your sales team enters, or captures, the leads into your sales log, it sets the foundation for optimizing your sales process. When done efficiently, leads can be converted into lifelong relationships that benefit all parties.


Maintaining proper records plays a key role in improving your firm’s overall efficiency by capturing leads. By having records of all your customer contact information, you can better see where your customer base is coming from. Demographics include income level, age, profession, etc. Knowing your customer demographics is crucial for developing an efficient sales process and marketing plan.

A sales log will also point out which products, services or accessories are high-money earners and which are not. You can see which products were sold using gift certificates, coupons or other marketing tools. All these play crucial factors in optimizing your sales process and marketing plan.


A sales log offers the perfect way to monitor your sales process. Reviewing the sales log will provide insight into which phase of your process has the largest lead generation. It also provides insight into which phase produces zero results. Once you know this, you can adjust your sales process accordingly.

A sales log can also provide information about your sales force’s productivity level. Reviewing your sales log will highlight which of your sales members has the most sales and which are not achieving their goals. Logs will also show how much time was spent with each customer. You will notice if team members follow through, properly maintain the log, or seem to be slacking off. You can then adjust your sales tactics and manage them accordingly.

A sales log will also reveal if your automotive dealership is amply staffed. If your company properly logs each prospect entering your sales area, your sales log will reveal the number of walk-in customers, number of inquiries, what time the lead entered your facility and when he or she was greeted by a member of your sales staff. You will be able to see if more prospects than sales staff currently exist. This also works on the opposite spectrum. A sales log will show when more sales staff are logged in, but not working with prospects. You can adjust your sales staff accordingly.


Every business understands the importance communication plays in the overall success level. Your business relies on positive, mutually beneficial customer relationships. A well-maintained sales log can be used as a foundation for this. By keeping track of communications, customer needs and desires, likes and dislikes, it provides your sales force with a way to touch your customer on a more personal level. Instead of simply sticking to the impersonal sales tactics, your sales force will have the know-how to turn the sales process into a more personal one. Your sales log can make it easy to contact your customers, offering them special deals or the latest information.

Regularly communicating with your customers is crucial for the success of your overall sales process. It, in fact, plays a crucial role in improving your overall customer satisfaction rating.

A well-maintained sales log gives you the ability and tools to maintain a customer database that can easily be turned into an email list. Email lists are a fantastic way to build your lead generation, keep customers informed about current happenings and improve your overall customer satisfaction rating. Having birthdates, for instance, gives you the ability to send your customer a birthday wish that contains a special discount on his or her favourite automotive service.


Sales logs can be cumbersome, time-consuming and frustrating when done using traditional paper logs and spreadsheets. Utilizing an effective sales management system like Sales Accelerator can improve efficiency and effectiveness significantly. These provide an ideal format for helping your sales team manage and collate customer contact information in an organized and efficient manner. Customer contact management, as you know, plays a crucial role in lead generation, productivity and overall business success.

The key to optimizing your sales process is creating a proactive and well-organized sales team; sales management systems allow you to do this quickly and effectively. Instead of manually capturing sales contacts in an easily retrievable format, something many sales people fail to do, your sales team can quickly and easily enter information into a centralised, cloud-based database. This improves efficiency and optimizes time usage. By taking less time to maintain a customer contact management file, your team members can spend more time with customers and bring in more sales.

Sales management systems also reduce the risk of you or your sales team misplacing hard copies of sales logs and customer info. These sales logs can get quite large over time, making them difficult to access for information and reports.

Leading sales management systems also offer a number of productivity features that can improve your sales results. Common features such as auto-generated email reports, Smartphone enabled, user-friendly interface, interactive dashboards and having the capability of receiving web-based real-time reports 24/7 can make a big difference when making business decisions. Reports can highlight which step of your sales process needs focusing on as soon as you notice a discrepancy between the budgeted and actual amounts, which model bring in the most revenue and which sales person is expected to meet targets this quarter.

With built-in multiple security access involving multiple hierarchies, a sales management system also plays a crucial role in organizing and filtering information on team productivity. Knowing who your strongest and weakest performers are will help you design incentives and training to manage overall sales performance.

A sales management system unifies sales log from multiple locations onto a single format. Unlike your sales teams using different, personal formats to record open opportunities, you can help reduce confusion and wasted time by putting everyone on a single integrated platform so that you can get access to sales intelligence instantly from wherever you are. Once your sales staff learn how to properly use the system, they will be able to appreciate how it can help them improve productivity and sell more, putting their time to better use.

An automated sales log can take your automotive dealership to the next level by improving sales strategies, sustaining positive results, developing effective work methodologies and enhancing overall profitability. Utilizing a beneficial sales management system program will benefit everyone involved with your firm.