If you look at new Facebook pages created in the past few years, more than half of them were created for business purposes. In the advent of social media, more and more businesses utilise and optimise the use of various media sites to increase their market and hence, their profits. Since visibility and accessibility are key considerations in developing a marketing strategy, social media is a cheap and fast way to advertise one’s business.

Facebook is the social networking site that has the widest reach as compared to its competitors. This wide reach speaks of the geographical distance that a certain Facebook account or page can reach. Through Facebook, a small business in a small state can reach a country from another continent. It also means that the networking site has a wide range of users in terms of age group.

Experiences of businesses that optimise the use of Facebook show an increase in loyal clients and improvement on the company’s promotion through word of mouth. Utilising Facebook as a marketing strategy has proven to be effective as it increases your clientele and a kind of promotion that does not need expensive commercial and newspaper ads.

Here are some tips on how you can optimise the use of a Facebook account or page can gain more visits, generate traffic, get more likes, and build a strong number of followers to increase your businesses’ market visibility and accessibility.

Building your Profile

First and foremost, you need to build and customise your Facebook page to make it suitable for your marketing and promotion needs. Don’t just build and create any page without giving some thought to it. Remember that you have to make your profile more engaging, attractive to users, and all in all relevant.

You have to use your business’ logo as your profile picture. This is for the page visitor to easily recognise and remember your company. Having a catchy logo (if you do not have one yet) will also help in getting more traffic since it will attract those who are trolling on Facebook. If you have sample items or products, you can place it in your cover photo. If not, you can place the tagline or motto of your company and put some complimenting background photo.

In coming up with the description of your profile, you must include keywords that will help your page show up in searches. Make it as personal as if you are personally talking to the visitor of your profile. However, the most important is the words that you place in it. You must think of the words that people usually use in search engines when looking for the products or services that you offer.

Of course, you should also put details such as the contact number and address of your company’s office. This is so that people will know where and how they can reach you. Make sure this information is up to date so your potential clients will not get confused and will be able to really reach you.

You may also want to give a short introduction as to how the visitor could easily navigate your Facebook page.

Getting Traffic

This refers to the number of visitors, shares, and likes your Facebook account gets.

Okay, so now that you already have an engaging, interactive and attractive Facebook profile, you must do the same with the entire content of your page.

Of course, you should post the products and services that your company offers. Make time to do some photo shoot for this to ensure that you really have good quality photos. If you do not have the budget, at least ensure that those photos are attractive or pleasing to the eyes. You should also put appropriate and catchy caption for the photos. Remember to put keywords that are usually searched. You should also include the special offers and discounts offered by your business. Add related photos to this and start each post with a catchy caption.

Every now and then, post some related news or internet articles or blog posts that you think your customers may enjoy. This is to encourage them to visit your page often and to really follow your page. If you blog about stuff related to your business, always include a link of your post on the page. You must remember that the Facebook users must not get bored and must always look forward to visiting page. They key here is to always update the contents of your Facebook page. You must make the contents quite interesting and exciting to the potential readers. But still, it must be related to your business so that they will not forget the services and products you offer.

Increasing Followers

Building Facebook traffic entails that you increase the followers of your Facebook page. Here are some of your options to increase the following of your page:

  • Invite friends and associates to ‘Like’ your Facebook page.
  • Tag friends in the photos so that it will appear in their timelines and can be seen by their other friends.
  • Add hashtags in every post to appear in searches.
  • If you have the money, invest on Facebook advertisements.
  • Ask friends to like your posts and photos.
  • Add a Facebook widget to your business website or blog.
  • Add a ‘Share This’ widget to any article you post on your website or blog.

As you can see, increasing your following includes posting on websites and blogs. Increasing traffic also needs that you should utilises sites outside from Facebook. Here are some things you can do to increase your followers outside from Facebook:

  1. Comment on websites and blogs and place a link of your Facebook page. You can do this on business websites and blogs with posts that are relevant to your business. Remember to be polite in these comments so that they won’t block you.
  1. You could also attend events and post it in your timeline to show your activity and encourage people to follow you.
  1. Include your post in the timeline of others to increase your visibility to people other than your friends.
  1. You can also promote your Facebook page link in every internet account you have.
  1. You can also put the link in your other social media accounts as part of your profile
  1. In sending email blasts, you can also include the link of your page in the signature so that everybody will be able to see it.
  1. Be active on other social media sites like Twitter.Interact with potential clients and relevant people. This will let people know that you are active and reachable. However, remember not to flood people with posts.Be sure to post in a timely manner. More importantly, you must also place interesting and catchy phrases to get their interest and curiosity.

Well, that’s about it! You are now on your way to building a Facebook page that will surely boost your business. But before that, here are some last tips for you to consider:

  • Read comments and feedbacks – you must always be aware of what your market needs and how you should customise and personalise your page to these needs.
  • Do research – understand your market and where they come from.Fit your marketing strategy to their interests and curiosity.
  • Update regularly – Facebook is a networking site; the more active you are better the more visible you become, and the more efficient it will be for your business.
  • Be creative – creativity will make your page interesting and attractive to users.
  • Be polite – remember this in every post or comment you make. People’s impression is important to your business and you don’t want them to be turned off with your impolite remarks on your Facebook page.

Ready? Best of luck to your marketing team!